White Box Extension – One month on site

Development of a private house, a large interior space designed for the extension of the functionality of an impressive and large St. Albans Garden. Bespoke sliding- folding doors will open up this space completely to ancillary external spaces that will significantly increase living space whilst creating a connection to the outside. This is acheived via large windows that face out in three directions with a sky light over the centre of the room and the continuation of stone floor finish out and over the large patio-terrace. The external terrace is designed with bespoke trellis and planters to create a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere, from which you descend into the garden utilising wide steps leading onto grass.

After one month on site with loop construction, the foundations, floor build up, block work and framing is well under way. The groundwork to raise levels for the patio terrace and start the landscaping look soon to follow. The way the roof framing opens up the room to the light has become apparent and the impact that this space will have on connecting to the outside is being fully realized. There is no doubt that this will be a stunning addition from which to enjoy the already beautiful surroundings of the area.