Approval achieved for new modern house on complex city site.

Planning permission for the complete remodelling of a 1980s bungalow has been granted. The existing  L-shaped bungalow will be converted into a two storey residence with alterations to the existing pool house. The brief from our clients was to produce a contemporary design with generous ground floor living space and a second storey to accommodate five bedrooms and three bathrooms from the existing bungalow which had a very divided plan with many small rooms. By separating the rooms over two levels, more space can be allocated to each room, and more functions can be provided for, with a better flow throughout the house produced also. 3D CAD modelling tools have been used to develop the design from many viewpoints internal and external.
A carefully considered architectural and interior design has produced large open plan ground floor spaces like the double height entrance hall, the kitchen, and the dining/living space all provided with excellent amounts of daylight from large glazed areas overlooking the rear garden. The opportunity for more private closed off spaces has been provided in the design, with the main living room being able to be separated from the open plan spaces, by means of sliding doors hidden within walls.
Large frameless glazing is delicately arranged within the solid render faces at the front of the house aiming to produce a dramatic and well proportioned entrance to the house.
The upper floor has had to be carefully designed to deal with issues the planners had with the height of the new building and concerns of overlooking neighbouring properties. The upper floor is predominantly lit from the larger South West side by a series of rooflights above eye level. A gallery situated between the first and ground floor levels under a large arrangement of these rooflights allows large volumes of natural light to continue to flow down through the house into the dining/living space below. Bedrooms have been accommodated on the upper floor, with 2 en-suite bathrooms and a main bathroom also. Bedrooms in the centre of the house have high sloping ceilings due to the shape of the roof, and have been designed with mezzanine-like storage lofts.
Research and working drawings for the project are well under way.