Taking shape – Remodelling in the Conservation Area

Contractors are remodelling this Victorian detached house to Brunskill Architects designs, to enhance the living areas for a family. There will be a new loft conversion with wet room, the dormer is completed already.
A small twisting ‘alternating’ spacesaving stair has been used.
Opening ready to take sliding folding doors which are on site. Insulation, some of which you can see stacked in the south facing garden, is being added to external walls, roof , interior studwork, and floors for both acoustic and thermal purposes. The heating bills should decrease drastically as a result. New windows will be argon filled double glazing with good U values.

The new dining area will be connected to the sitting area

A woodburning stove is being incorporated. The design asks for the old chimney to be relined 

This is the type of door for the garden (a little less wide) – It is painted timber, to tie in with Conservation area requirements in this case.

This is the new sitting area in progress. The new space is a vast improvement to the house. This room will be filled with sunlight and will have a vary airy feel, with the vaulted ceilings we incorporate as standard. It will be connected to the patio at the same level and with the same module tiles.We have chosen for the client , large square 600mm modular tiles with a smooth matt finish. They are limestone coloured procelain, the  light colour will create the impression of an even larger and brighter space. (the tile choice is shown in image below).

This is a design study for a green roofed alternative design. We often look at options with a client to ensure they choose the design that’s appropriate for them.

A slightly different design – part of design development