Planning Permissions recently granted for Extension and Remodelling Projects

Brunskill Design Architects have recently achieved Planning Permission for some more house extension and remodelling projects, one for a locally listed building. Projects A & B are illustrated which are both homes for busy families. They both involve improving the connection of the house to external areas.

Key to Project A was to gain much needed kitchen and sitting room space. There was a preference to maximise views out at the back of the house, across a small valley, from as many areas as possible within the house. The interior layout is opened out in the design. It involves a spilt level as the property is on a slope and this gives great views out. The fact that this was a locally listed building restricted the design approach possible however an attractive suitable design solution was found to increase useful area and retain original features.

Key to Project B design was to create a large multi-functional interior space to enable the clients to easily enjoy views of their large south facing garden. Ancilliary external spaces are also created in the design. Large doors and windows open onto patio in three directions. The patio is being designed with trellis, built in barbecue storage and planters and multi level lighting, as well as other practical features.