Brunskill Design Architects winner of Building Design/ Dyson Airblade Competition

Announced at this year’s Architect of the Year Awards, Brunskill Design were winners of the Airblade Competition held in August. Dyson teamed up with BD Magazine to run a competition looking for a radically different and creative design that is also practical as a washroom facility.
Brunskill Architects Competiton winner – Image Emperor
Our submission was Intended for a heavily trafficked environment such as a station, airport or motorway service station. We investigated the potential to capture kinetic energy generated by people within these spaces. The movement of doors, and peoples weight on the floor, has the potential to generate energy. We showed devices to enable this to happen. At the door hinge we developed mechanism of ratchets and electromagnetics that could harness electricity. This is used to pump grey water to the cisterns for reuse and to power other items in the room. This process is made visible by illuminated panels in the floor.