Placemaking stays in mind.

Winning several awards when it was completed, this is the Cable and Wireless College building, now a Railtrack training centre I believe.
It’s an old building now, which we pulled out for reference recently when designing something else. Helen worked on this selection of buildings for a couple of years whilst architect at mjp. Its a good example of placemaking we think. It started as a green field site, (now of course we would really prefer to utilise brownfield). The use of materials is quite clear and attractive, ranging from copper to fresco, glazed tile, to oak and steel. It was designed in quite a traditional way, with great attention to detail, from masterplan, right down to the cupboards and whiteboards.
Its quite old now but we think it will stand the test of time.

At a smaller scale these planning and placemaking skills are being used in our smaller projects, by all in our small team of talented individuals.