Natural Wood keeps us in touch with our roots!

Our ancestors lived much more from the land and forest. For the most part we tend to have sanitized, artificially heated, lit and created homes. There really is something about the use of natural, and also to some extent, recycled materials, which is very basic to our survival instincts. Maybe its part of a nesting instinct!

It is with great pleasure that we incorporate oak, pine, birch for example in our design work for our valued clients. People sometimes ask for oak. This is popular due to its strength, consistency and the fact it is grown here and in nearby countries. Birch is fast growing and therefore in easy supply (QED Ikea). It has a consistent, pale appearance. The rest of the world supplies numerous amazing species, and we may have sustainable access to these sometimes.

When designing external space we try to think of it as a bridge between less controlled natural space and the sculpted spaces of our interior. Timber , visible as such, helps bridge boundaries between these spaces, in a way that colour alone cannot do.

Wood , although technically dead by the time its used in its many varied forms in built work, has a warmth, impossible to truly imitate.