Improving the living space connection with the Garden

When a client is wanting to improve the connection of their interior to the external space, we often use a flush set threshold design.

Olser properties were sometimes built with very little emphasis on the access to back garden, especially prewar.

In designing for the way we live now, large doors or windows tend to help give the wide views that give a feeling of seeing the natural world outside. We think this is healthy and when people can be aware of the weather, and have lots of access to natural light while inside, it helps decrease modern life stress too.

Sliding folding doors remain very popular. We often advise on the characteristics of different materials. Other options such as minimally framed sliders of huge energy saving double or triple glazing area are available, as are more retro multipane styles. We try to integrate elements in our designs in a way which will give an overall coordinated and attractive appearance, and will also function correctly.

The images attached with this post are of projects designed by Brunskill Design Architects over the last few years.